cutext/bufsource.h: Buffer Source
[cutext: Unicode and Text Handling]

Data Structures

struct  cutext_bufsource


void cutext_bufsource_init (cutext_bufsource_t bsrc, cutext_source_t subsrc)
size_t cutext_bufsource_read (cutext_bufsource_t bsrc, void *buf, size_t size)
void const * cutext_bufsource_look (cutext_bufsource_t bsrc, size_t req_size, size_t *act_size)
void cutext_bufsource_close (cutext_bufsource_t bsrc)

Detailed Description

For most purposes, cutext_source_stack_buffer should be sufficient, but some details of the buffer sources are exposed here to facilitate inlining and better control.

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