cutext/wctype.h: Unicode Character Types
[cutext: Unicode and Text Handling]


cu_bool_t cutext_iswalnum (cu_wint_t wc)
cu_bool_t cutext_iswalpha (cu_wint_t wc)
cu_bool_t cutext_iswblank (cu_wint_t wc)
cu_bool_t cutext_iswcntrl (cu_wint_t wc)
cu_bool_t cutext_iswdigit (cu_wint_t wc)
cu_bool_t cutext_iswgraph (cu_wint_t wc)
cu_bool_t cutext_iswlower (cu_wint_t wc)
cu_bool_t cutext_iswprint (cu_wint_t wc)
cu_bool_t cutext_iswpunct (cu_wint_t wc)
cu_bool_t cutext_iswspace (cu_wint_t wc)
cu_bool_t cutext_iswupper (cu_wint_t wc)
cu_bool_t cutext_iswxdigit (cu_wint_t wc)

Detailed Description

These character types are derived from the Unicode general categories, and thus only an approximation to the locale-specific C99 classification.
The mapping of these functions for non-ASCII characters are subject to revision.
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