cutext_sink_descriptor Struct Reference
[cutext/sink.h: Text Sink]

Data Fields

unsigned int flags
size_t(* write )(cutext_sink_t, void const *, size_t)
cu_bool_t(* flush )(cutext_sink_t)
cu_box_t(* finish )(cutext_sink_t)
void(* discard )(cutext_sink_t)
cu_bool_t(* iterA_subsinks )(cutext_sink_t, cu_clop(f, cu_bool_t, cutext_sink_t))
cu_box_t(* info )(cutext_sink_t, cutext_sink_info_key_t)
cu_bool_t(* enter )(cutext_sink_t, struct cufo_tag *, struct cufo_attrbind *)
void(* leave )(cutext_sink_t, struct cufo_tag *)

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