cutext_source_descriptor Struct Reference
[cutext/source.h: Text Source with Optional Lookahead]

#include <source.h>

Data Fields

size_t(* read )(cutext_source_t, void *, size_t)
void const *(* look )(cutext_source_t, size_t, size_t *)
void(* close )(cutext_source_t)
cutext_source_t(* subsource )(cutext_source_t)
cu_box_t(* info )(cutext_source_t, cutext_source_info_key_t)

Detailed Description

The callbacks of a cutext_source implementation. For compatibility with future versions, the structure should be zeroed before assignment of the call-backs. Alternatively, it may be declared static with C99 initializers, as in {.read = _my_read, ...}.

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