Environment Variables


Use by libcufo to choose the default style when none was explicitely specified.


May point to a file containing debug tags to enable, one per line. The tag names correspond those passed to cu_dlog_def.


Seed the random number generator at starup by calling seed48(t), where t is determined as follows. If the variable contains the literal "time", the system clock is used. Otherwise, it should contain a 12 digit hexadecimal value without base prefix which makes up the three components of the argument to seed48.


An integer specifying the threshold for cu_verbf calls.


A colon-separated list of directories to seach for cufo style files.


The name of the cufo-style to use. The name followed by a .style extension is searched for under $CUFO_STYLEDIR and some built-in paths.


Modifies culibs' idea of where it is installed.

  • Used by cuos_session_dir.
  • Used by libcufo to locate custom style definitions in $HOME/.config/culibs/cufo.


Where to create temporary files. Used by cuos_tmp_dir.

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