cu/threadlocal.h: Thread-Local Storage Boilerplates


#define CU_THREADLOCAL_DECL(name, private_name)
#define CU_THREADLOCAL_DEF(name, private_name, static_name)   ...
#define CU_THREADLOCAL_INIT(name, private_name, static_name)   ...

Detailed Description

These boilerplates allows the client application or library to define thread-local storage using an available mechanism. Currently, the __thread keyword is used if detected, otherwise the POSIX threads functons are used. Initialisation is assured either by creating threads with cu_pthread_create or by calling cu_thread_init before any local storage is used.

Define Documentation

#define CU_THREADLOCAL_DECL ( name,
private_name   ) 
    name##_t name(void)

Emits declarations for the header file. Assuming that the struct NAME and an associated pointer NAME_t have been defined, this provides a function NAME_t NAME(void) which returns the thread-local storage. PRIVATE_NAME is a prefix for for identifiers which are to be considered private.

#define CU_THREADLOCAL_DEF ( name,
static_name   )     ...

Emits definitions associated with CU_THREADLOCAL_DECL(NAME, PRIVATE_NAME). STATIC_NAME is a prefix for file local definitions including the following two functions which must be defined:

  • void STATIC_NAME_init(NAME_t tls);
  • void STATIC_NAME_destruct(NAME_t tls);

Returns thread-local state.

#define CU_THREADLOCAL_INIT ( name,
static_name   )     ...

Emits initialisation code for definitions in CU_THREADLOCAL_DEF(NAME, PRIVATE_NAME, STATIC_NAME). This code must be run in the main thread before other threads are created, typically during a global initialisation phase.

For example, in libfoo/tls.h put

 typedef struct libfoo_tls *libfoo_tls_t;

 struct libfoo_tls
     // Thread-local variables goes here.

 // Provide "libfoo_tls_t libfoo_tls(void)"
 CU_THREADLOCAL_DECL(libfoo_tls, libfoopriv_tls);

and in libfoo/init.c,

 CU_THREADLOCAL_DEF(libfoo_tls, libfoopriv_tls, _tls);

 void libfoo_init(void)
     CU_THREADLOCAL_INIT(libfoo_tls, libfoopriv_tls, _tls);
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