[cu: Common Infrastructure]


 cu/algo.h: Supportive definitions for various algorithms
 cu/bistptr.h: Bi-Strength Pointer
 cu/debug.h: Utilities for Debugging
 cu/dlink.h: Double Link Struct and Functions
 cu/hook.h: Hooks; Templates and Common Instances
 cu/installdirs.h: Installation Directories
 cu/location.h: Source Code Locations
 cu/rarex.h: Read-Write Locks Optimised for Rarely Excluding Cases
 cu/scratch.h: Scratch Memory for Repeated Reuse
 cu/test.h: Utilities for Testing
 cu/util.h: General Utilities
 cu/va_ref.h: Passingc va_list as a Reference
 cu/weakptr.h: Weak Pointers
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