cu/wchar.h: Unicode Characters
[Data Types]


#define CU_WCHAR_WIDTH   32
#define CU_MAX_MBLEN   4


typedef uint32_t cu_wchar_t
typedef unsigned int cu_wint_t


size_t cu_wcslen (cu_wchar_t const *s)
int cu_wcscmp (cu_wchar_t const *s0, cu_wchar_t const *s1)
int cu_wcsncmp (cu_wchar_t const *s0, cu_wchar_t const *s1, size_t n)
iconv_t cu_iconv_for_wchar_to_char (void)
iconv_t cu_iconv_for_char_to_wchar (void)
cu_bool_t cu_encoding_is_wchar_compat (char const *enc)


char const * cu_wchar_encoding

Define Documentation

#define CU_MAX_MBLEN   4

The maximum number of char elements needed to represent a cu_wchar_t.

Typedef Documentation

typedef uint32_t cu_wchar_t

A unicode character. This is defined as wchar_t if the compiler defines __STDC_ISO_10646__ and wchar_t is wide enough to hold characters beyond the BMP. Otherwise, a 32 bit integer type is used.

Function Documentation

cu_bool_t cu_encoding_is_wchar_compat ( char const *  enc  ) 

True if enc is the name of a character encoding known to be binary compatible with and array of cu_wchar_t. Conversely, a false return does not guarantee that the encoding is incompatible.

iconv_t cu_iconv_for_char_to_wchar ( void   ) 

A thread-local iconv_t descriptor for converting from char strings to cu_wchar_t strings.

iconv_t cu_iconv_for_wchar_to_char ( void   ) 

A thread-local iconv_t descriptor for converting from cu_wchar_t strings to char strings.

Variable Documentation

char const* cu_wchar_encoding

The name of the encoding used for cu_wchar_t, as suitable for passing to iconv_open. This is wide character encoding with Unicode compatible code-points and endianness according to the platform. The encoding is wide enough to hold Unicode characters beyond BMP.

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