cuflow/workq.h: FIFO for Queueing Pending Tasks
[[deprecated] Old SMP Work Scheduling]

Data Structures

struct  cuflow_workq


typedef struct cuflowP_workqseg * cuflowP_workqseg_t


typedef cu_clop0 (cuflow_workq_fn_t, void)
cuflow_workq_fn_t cuflowP_workq_pop_front (cuflow_workq_t wq)
void cuflowP_workq_advance_tail (cuflow_workq_t wq)
void cuflow_workq_init (cuflow_workq_t wq)
void cuflow_workq_append (cuflow_workq_t wq, cuflow_workq_fn_t fn)
cuflow_workq_fn_t cuflow_workq_pop_front (cuflow_workq_t wq)
size_t cuflow_workq_size (cuflow_workq_t wq)

Detailed Description

cuflow/sched.h provides a simpler and more efficient altenative.

Function Documentation

typedef cu_clop0 ( cuflow_workq_fn_t  ,

The type of function which can be queued on work queues.

void cuflow_workq_append ( cuflow_workq_t  wq,
cuflow_workq_fn_t  fn 

Append a task to the end of wq.

void cuflow_workq_init ( cuflow_workq_t  wq  ) 

Construct a work queue.

cuflow_workq_fn_t cuflow_workq_pop_front ( cuflow_workq_t  wq  ) 

Pop off the first task on wq.

size_t cuflow_workq_size ( cuflow_workq_t  wq  ) 

The number of functions on wq. Note that it takes time linear in the number of scheduled functions.

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