cufo/fwd.h: Forward Declarations
[cufo: Formatted Output]


typedef struct cufo_prispeccufo_prispec_t
typedef struct cufo_streamcufo_stream_t
typedef struct cufo_tagcufo_tag_t
typedef struct cufo_namespace * cufo_namespace_t
typedef struct cufo_attrcufo_attr_t
typedef struct cufo_attrbindcufo_attrbind_t
typedef struct cufo_termfacecufo_termface_t
typedef struct cufo_termstylecufo_termstyle_t
typedef struct cufo_textsinkcufo_textsink_t
typedef struct cufo_textstylecufo_textstyle_t
typedef struct cufo_textstylercufo_textstyler_t


void cufo_init (void)

Function Documentation

void cufo_init ( void   ) 

Initialises libcufo, as is mandatory before before using the library. You may also want to call this function even if you don't use libcufo functions directly, because it installs a more powerful formatting engine for the cu/logging.h and cu/diag.h functions, including new format specifiers, line wrapping, and, if compiled with terminal support, some highlighting.

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