cucon/rpmap.h: Recursive Hash Map with Pointer Keys
[Associative Containers (trees, maps, sets)]

Data Structures

struct  cucon_rpmap


void cucon_rpmap_init (cucon_rpmap_t rmap)
cucon_rpmap_t cucon_rpmap_new (void)
void * cucon_rpmap_value (cucon_rpmap_t rmap)
void cucon_rpmap_set_value (cucon_rpmap_t rmap, void *value)
cu_bool_t cucon_rpmap_is_leaf (cucon_rpmap_t rmap)
cucon_rpmap_t cucon_rpmap_mref (cucon_rpmap_t rmap, void *key)
cucon_rpmap_t cucon_rpmap_cref (cucon_rpmap_t rpmap, void *key)
cu_bool_t cucon_rpmap_conj (cucon_rpmap_t rpmap, cu_clop(fn, cu_bool_t, void const *, cucon_rpmap_t))

Function Documentation

cucon_rpmap_t cucon_rpmap_cref ( cucon_rpmap_t  rpmap,
void *  key 

Return the branch of rmap at key or NULL if key is unbound.

void cucon_rpmap_init ( cucon_rpmap_t  rmap  ) 

Initialise rmap as a leaf with no value.

cu_bool_t cucon_rpmap_is_leaf ( cucon_rpmap_t  rmap  ) 

True iff rmap has no branches.

cucon_rpmap_t cucon_rpmap_mref ( cucon_rpmap_t  rmap,
void *  key 

Mutably dereference rmap at key, constructing a new leaf if key does not already have a binding.

cucon_rpmap_t cucon_rpmap_new ( void   ) 

Return a valueless leaf.

void cucon_rpmap_set_value ( cucon_rpmap_t  rmap,
void *  value 

Assign ptr as the value of rmap.

void* cucon_rpmap_value ( cucon_rpmap_t  rmap  ) 

The value at rmap.

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