Associative Containers (trees, maps, sets)
[cucon: Containers]


 cucon/hmap.h: General-Purpose Hash Map
 cucon/hzmap.h: Hash Map with Flat Fixed-Sized Keys
 cucon/hzset.h: Hash Set of Flat Fixed-Sized Keys
 cucon/hset.h: General-Purpose Hash Set
 cucon/pcmap.h: Constructive Maps from Pointers to Pointers
 cucon/pmap.h: Pointer-Keyed Hash Map
 cucon/pset.h: Poiter-Keyed Sets
 cucon/rbmap.h: Maps, Red-Black Tree Implementation
 cucon/rbset.h: Sets, Red-Black Tree Implementation
 cucon/rbtree.h: Red-Black Trees
 cucon/rpmap.h: Recursive Hash Map with Pointer Keys
 cucon/rumap.h: Recursive Hash Map with Integer Keys
 cucon/umap.h: Integer-Keyed Hash Map
 cucon/uset.h: Integer-Keyed (Sparse) Sets
 cucon/ucmap.h: Constructive Maps from Unsigned Integers to Pointers
 cucon/ucset.h: Constructive Integer Sets
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