cufo/tagdefs.h: Various Tag Definitions
[cufo: Formatted Output]

Generic Inline Tags

cufo_tag_t cufoT_emph
cufo_tag_t cufoT_italic
cufo_tag_t cufoT_bold
cufo_tag_t cufoT_underline
cufo_tag_t cufoT_superscript
cufo_tag_t cufoT_subscript
cufo_tag_t cufoT_invalid

Generic Block Tags

cufo_tag_t cufoT_indent
cufo_tag_t cufoT_section
cufo_tag_t cufoT_title
cufo_tag_t cufoT_para

Diagnostic Tags

cufo_tag_t cufoT_logentry
cufo_tag_t cufoT_location
cufo_tag_t cufoT_message

Programmig Language Tags

cufo_tag_t cufoT_codepre
cufo_tag_t cufoT_code
cufo_tag_t cufoT_clause
cufo_tag_t cufoT_comment
cufo_tag_t cufoT_keyword
cufo_tag_t cufoT_label
cufo_tag_t cufoT_operator
cufo_tag_t cufoT_variable
cufo_tag_t cufoT_type
cufo_tag_t cufoT_literal
cufo_tag_t cufoT_special

Variable Documentation

Requests rendering in a boldface font if available.

May be used to delimit a single declaration, statement, or similar logical unit of a program, depending on the language.

Delimits inline code quotation.

Delimits block-level code quotation.

Delimits a comment.

Delimits text to be emphasised.

Delimits a block to be set out from the surrounding text.

Intrusive highlighting of something invalid like mismatched parentheses or unprintable items. Not to be used for error messages, which merely describe something invalid.

Requests rendering in an italic font if available.

Delimits a keyword.

Delimits a label.

Delimits a literal, like a number or a string.

Delimits the source location part of a cufoT_logentry.

Delimits a single log entry, as output with cufo_logf and friends. This also applies to cu_errf and friends after cufo_init have installed its handlers.

Delimits the message part of a cufoT_logentry.

Delimits an operator.

Delimits a paragraph.

Recursive sectioning. The depth may typically affect the rendering of cufoT_title.

Used inside cufoT_literal to delimit escape sequences, string delimiters, or other non-literal parts of literals.

Delimits a subscript, commonly used for indices or labels.

Delimits a superscript, commonly used for exponents, indices or labels.

Should occur as the first element of a section to indicate its title.

Delimits a program datatype.

Requests underlining if available.

Delimits a program variable.

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