cuoo/fwd.h: Forward Declarations
[cuoo: Dynamic Objects and Operations]


#define CUEX_META_C(c)   CU_UINTPTR_C(c)
#define CUOO_OBJ
#define CUOO_OBJ_SHIFT   0


typedef uintptr_t cuex_meta_t
typedef uint_fast32_t cuex_opr_t
typedef uint_fast16_t cuoo_shape_t
typedef void * cuex_t
typedef struct cuoo_layoutcuoo_layout_t
typedef struct cuoo_propcuoo_prop_t
typedef cu_box_t(* cuoo_impl_t )(cu_word_t,...)
typedef unsigned int cuoo_propkey_t
typedef struct cuoo_typecuoo_type_t


void cuoo_init (void)

Typedef Documentation

typedef uintptr_t cuex_meta_t

An expression tree-code, representing either an operator, a type, or a special code used for variables.

typedef uint_fast32_t cuex_opr_t

A type which can hold the operator part of a metaword.

typedef void* cuex_t

The type of expression trees which also works as a generic type of dynamically typed objects.

typedef uint_fast16_t cuoo_shape_t

An integer which indicates the type and representation of a dynamic object.

Function Documentation

void cuoo_init ( void   ) 

Call this to initialise the cuoo modules before use.

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