cuoo: Dynamic Objects and Operations


 cuoo/fwd.h: Forward Declarations
 cuoo/halloc.h: Hash-Consing Allocation
 cuoo/hcobj.h: Hash-consed Object Headers
 cuoo/hctem.h: Boilerplates for Hash-Consing
 cuoo/intf.h: Interface Numbers
 cuoo/layout.h: Packing Memory-Layout Allocator
 cuoo/meta.h: Opcode and Object Type Union
 cuoo/oalloc.h: Object Allocation Functions
 cuoo/properties.h: Predefined Properties
 cuoo/prop.h: Thread-Safe Properties
 cuoo/support.h: Misc Support for Dynamic Objects
 cuoo/type.h: Operations and Dynamically Typed Objects

Detailed Description

This module defines a unified format of operations for building expression trees, and of dynmaically typed objects. This module also provides hash-consed allocation primitives. Further support for expression trees are provided by cuex: Expressions.

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