cuex: Expressions


 cuex/oprdefs.h: Operator Definitions
 cuex/fwd.h: Forward Declarations
 cuex/algo.h: Algorithms on Expressions and Substitutions
 cuex/atree.h: Associative Trees of Expressions
 cuex/binding.h: Variable Binding using de Bruijn Indices
 cuex/compound.h: Compound Expressions
 cuex/ex.h: Expressions
 cuex/fpvar.h: Formal Function Parameter Variables
 cuex/intf.h: Interface Numbers
 cuex/iteration.h: Iteration over Subterms
 cuex/labelling.h: Association from Constants to Expressions
 cuex/ltree.h: Left-Packed Trees (Low-Level API)
 cuex/monoid.h: Monoid Operations
 cuex/occurtree.h: Caching of Variable Occurences
 cuex/opn.h: Additional Interface for Operations
 cuex/print.h: Printing Expressions
 cuex/pvar.h: Variables with Internal Properties
 cuex/qcode.h: Quantisanion Specifiers
 cuex/recursion.h: Functions on the Recursive Structure of Expressions
 cuex/semilattice.h: Expression Support for Semilattices
 cuex/set.h: Set-Like Terms
 cuex/subst.h: Substitutions
 cuex/ssfn.h: Syntactic/Semantic Functions
 cuex/str_algo.h: String-Related Algorithms
 cuex/tmonoid.h: Monoid Operations with Tagged Generators
 cuex/test.h: Utilities for Testing
 cuex/tpvar.h: Parametric Type Variables
 cuex/tuple.h: Support Functions for Variable Length Tuples
 cuex/tvar.h: Typed and Type-Representing Variables
 cuex/type.h: Dynamic Type Support
 cuex/var.h: Variables

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Some of the APIs are unstable.
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