cuex/tuple.h: Support Functions for Variable Length Tuples
[cuex: Expressions]


cu_bool_t cuex_opr_is_tuple (cuex_meta_t opr)
cu_bool_t cuex_is_tuple (cuex_t e)
cu_rank_t cuex_tuple_r (cuex_t e)
cuex_t cuex_tuple_sub (cuex_t tuple, cu_rank_t begin, cu_rank_t end)
cuex_t cuex_tuple_sub_carg (cuex_t carg, cuex_t tuple, cu_rank_t begin, cu_rank_t end)
cuex_t cuex_tuple_append (cuex_t tuple0, cuex_t tuple1)

Detailed Description

These are helper functions for expressions of CUEX_OR_TUPLE. It's safe to process the operations directly, and things that are easy to do with the generic expression functionality is intentionally left out.

Function Documentation

cu_bool_t cuex_is_tuple ( cuex_t  e  ) 

True iff e is a variable-length tuple.

cuex_t cuex_tuple_append ( cuex_t  tuple0,
cuex_t  tuple1 

Returns the tuple formed by appending tuple0 and tuple1.

cu_rank_t cuex_tuple_r ( cuex_t  e  ) 

The arity of e. Same as the operator arity.

cuex_t cuex_tuple_sub ( cuex_t  tuple,
cu_rank_t  begin,
cu_rank_t  end 

Returns the sub-tuple from position begin inclusive to position end exclusive.

cuex_t cuex_tuple_sub_carg ( cuex_t  carg,
cuex_t  tuple,
cu_rank_t  begin,
cu_rank_t  end 

A variant of cuex_tuple_sub which prepends carg to the result tuple. The size of the tuple will be end - begin.

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