cuex/type.h: Dynamic Type Support
[cuex: Expressions]


size_t cuex_type_bitsize (cuex_t type)
size_t cuex_type_size (cuex_t type)
cu_offset_t cuex_type_bitalign (cuex_t type)
cu_offset_t cuex_type_align (cuex_t type)
cu_rank_t cuex_farrow_arity (cuex_t type)
cuex_t cuex_typeof (cuex_t e)
cuex_t cuex_of_fnptr (cuex_t t, cu_fnptr_t fn)
cu_bool_t cuex_is_fnptr (cuex_t t)
cu_fnptr_t cuex_to_fnptr (cuex_t e)

Function Documentation

cuex_t cuex_of_fnptr ( cuex_t  t,
cu_fnptr_t  fn 

Returns fn as an expression of type t, which should be the type of fn, expressed as a CUEX_O2_FARROW_NATIVE with the first operand being the argument types as a left-associated tree of CUEX_O2_GPROD, and the second operand being the result type. E.g.

 cuex_t t = cuex_o2_farrow_native(cuex_o2_gprod(cudyn_double_type(), cudyn_double_type()), cudyn_double_type());
 cuex_t e = cuex_of_fnptr(t, (cu_fnptr_t)atan2);
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