cuex/print.h: Printing Expressions
[cuex: Expressions]


cu_bool_t cuex_write_dot_decls (cuex_t e, FILE *out)
void cuex_save_dot (cuex_t e, char const *graph_name, char const *path)

Detailed Description

For general printing of expressions, cuex_init registers the "%!" format specifier which can be used in cu_fprintf, cu_errf, etc. The following more esoteric.

Function Documentation

void cuex_save_dot ( cuex_t  e,
char const *  graph_name,
char const *  path 

Save e as a digraph graph_name in the file path. If graph_name is NULL, a default name is used. If path is NULL, this saves to a unique file under /tmp.

cu_bool_t cuex_write_dot_decls ( cuex_t  e,
FILE *  out 

Write out a set of vertex and edge declarations in Graphviz dot-format, suitable as the body of a digraph definition.

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