cuex/fpvar.h: Formal Function Parameter Variables
[cuex: Expressions]

Data Structures

struct  cuex_fpvar


#define cuex_fpvarmeta(index)
#define cuex_is_fpvarmeta(meta)   cuex_is_varmeta_k(meta, cuex_varkind_fpvar)


cuex_fpvar_t cuex_fpvar (int index, cuex_t type)
cu_bool_t cuex_is_fpvar (cuex_t e)
int cuex_fpvar_index (cuex_fpvar_t v)
cuex_t cuex_fpvar_type (cuex_fpvar_t v)

Detailed Description

This is a variable type suited for formal function parameters if hash-cons equivalence is required. These variables are identified by argument number and type. Note that local functions, if supported by the application, may have clashing variables, and this must be dealt with when traversing expression trees. It this is not feasible, it is suggested to give up hash-cons equivalence and use cuex_tvar_t instead.

Define Documentation

#define cuex_fpvarmeta ( index   ) 
cuex_varmeta_kqis(cuex_varkind_fpvar, cuex_qcode_u, index,              \

Function Documentation

cuex_fpvar_t cuex_fpvar ( int  index,
cuex_t  type 

Hash-cons a function parameter variable based on the argument number and its type.

int cuex_fpvar_index ( cuex_fpvar_t  v  ) 

The index of v.

cuex_t cuex_fpvar_type ( cuex_fpvar_t  v  ) 

The type of v.

cu_bool_t cuex_is_fpvar ( cuex_t  e  ) 

True iff e is a formal function parameter variable.

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