cuex/var.h: Variables
[cuex: Expressions]

Data Structures

struct  cuex_xvarops


 cuex_ivar, cuex_rvar: Indexed Variables


#define cuex_varmeta_kqis(kind, qcode, index, wsize)
#define cuex_varmeta_kqi(kind, qcode, index)   cuex_varmeta_kqis(kind, qcode, index, 0)
#define cuex_is_varmeta_kqis(meta, kind, qcode, index, wsize)   ((meta) == cuex_varmeta_kqis(kind, qcode, index, wsize))
#define cuex_is_varmeta_kqi(meta, kind, qcode, index)   ((meta) == cuex_varmeta_kqi(kind, qcode, index))
#define cuex_is_varmeta_kq(meta, kind, qcode)
#define cuex_is_varmeta_ki(meta, kind, index)
#define cuex_is_varmeta_k(meta, kind)
#define cuex_is_varmeta_q(meta, qcode)
#define cuex_is_varmeta(meta)   (((CUEXP_VARMETA_SELECT_MASK) & (meta)) == cuex_varmeta_kqi(0, 0, 0))
#define cuex_varmeta_qcode(meta)
#define cuex_varmeta_index(meta)   (((meta) & CUEXP_VARMETA_INDEX_MASK ) >> CUEXP_VARMETA_INDEX_SHIFT)
#define cuex_is_varmeta_u(meta)   cuex_is_varmeta_q(meta, cuex_qcode_u)
#define cuex_is_varmeta_e(meta)   cuex_is_varmeta_q(meta, cuex_qcode_e)
#define cuex_is_varmeta_w(meta)   cuex_is_varmeta_q(meta, cuex_qcode_w)
#define cuex_is_varmeta_n(meta)   cuex_is_varmeta_q(meta, cuex_qcode_n)
#define cuex_var_to_ex(var)   ((cuex_t)(var))
#define cuex_var_from_ex(ex)   ((cuex_var_t)(ex))
#define cuex_var_qcode(var)   cuex_varmeta_qcode(cuex_meta(var))
#define cuex_var_new_e()   cuex_var_new(cuex_qcode_e)
#define cuex_var_new_u()   cuex_var_new(cuex_qcode_u)
#define cuex_var_new_w()   cuex_var_new(cuex_qcode_w)
#define cuex_var_new_n()   cuex_var_new(cuex_qcode_n)
#define cuex_xvarmeta(qcode, subkind, wsize)   cuex_varmeta_kqis(cuex_varkind_xvar, qcode, subkind, wsize)


typedef struct cuex_xvaropscuex_xvarops_t


enum  cuex_varkind_t {
  cuex_varkind_svar, cuex_varkind_tvar, cuex_varkind_tpvar, cuex_varkind_fpvar,
  cuex_varkind_pvar, cuex_varkind_ivar, cuex_varkind_rvar, cuex_varkind_xvar


cu_bool_t cuex_is_var (cuex_t ex)
cuex_var_t cuex_var_new (cuex_qcode_t qcode)
cuex_meta_t cuex_register_xvarkind (cuex_meta_t subkind, unsigned int wsize, cuex_xvarops_t ops)
cu_bool_t cuex_is_xvarmeta (cuex_meta_t meta)
cu_bool_t cuex_is_xvarmeta_k (cuex_meta_t meta, cuex_varkind_t subkind)
cu_bool_t cuex_is_xvarmeta_kq (cuex_meta_t meta, cuex_varkind_t subkind, cuex_qcode_t qcode)
cuex_meta_t cuex_xvarmeta_subkind (cuex_meta_t meta)
cuex_t cuex_xvar_alloc (cuex_meta_t xvarmeta)


struct cucon_umap cuexP_xvarops

Detailed Description

Variables are structureless expressions. They have no properties except for pointer equality, quantisation, and their type. Their main use is as placeholders for values to be substituted or as to express patterns (cf cuex/ssfn.h: Syntactic/Semantic Functions).

Quantisation can not be changed once a variable is created. Instead, after analysis, create new variables of the correct quantisation, optionally put the in a cucon_pmap_t or cuex_subst_t, and transform the expressions accordingly.

Define Documentation

#define cuex_is_varmeta ( meta   )     (((CUEXP_VARMETA_SELECT_MASK) & (meta)) == cuex_varmeta_kqi(0, 0, 0))

The meta of a simple variable quantified as qcode.

#define cuex_is_varmeta_k ( meta,
kind   ) 
((( CUEXP_VARMETA_SELECT_MASK                                   \
      | CUEXP_VARMETA_KIND_MASK ) & (meta))                             \
     == cuex_varmeta_kqi(kind, 0, 0))
#define cuex_is_varmeta_ki ( meta,
index   ) 
((( CUEXP_VARMETA_SELECT_MASK                                   \
      | CUEXP_VARMETA_KIND_MASK                                         \
      | CUEXP_VARMETA_INDEX_MASK ) & (meta))                            \
     == cuex_varmeta_kqi(kind, 0, index))
#define cuex_is_varmeta_kq ( meta,
qcode   ) 
((( CUEXP_VARMETA_SELECT_MASK                                   \
      | CUEXP_VARMETA_KIND_MASK                                         \
      | CUEXP_VARMETA_QCODE_MASK ) & (meta))                            \
     == cuex_varmeta_kqi(kind, qcode, 0))
#define cuex_is_varmeta_q ( meta,
qcode   ) 
((( CUEXP_VARMETA_SELECT_MASK                                   \
      | CUEXP_VARMETA_QCODE_MASK ) & (meta))                            \
     == cuex_varmeta_kqi(0, qcode, 0))
#define cuex_var_new_e (  )     cuex_var_new(cuex_qcode_e)

Creates an existential variable.

#define cuex_var_new_n (  )     cuex_var_new(cuex_qcode_n)

Create an unquantified variable. Used before quantisation is analysed or in cases where it does not apply.

#define cuex_var_new_u (  )     cuex_var_new(cuex_qcode_u)

Creates a universal variable.

#define cuex_var_new_w (  )     cuex_var_new(cuex_qcode_w)

Creates a weak universal (or parametric) variable. Roughly, this is a variable which is quantified to the extent that the expression it occurs in do not contradict more specialised expressions. The precise definition may be application dependent.

#define cuex_var_qcode ( var   )     cuex_varmeta_qcode(cuex_meta(var))

Returns the quantisation of var.

#define cuex_varmeta_kqis ( kind,
wsize   ) 
(CUEXP_VARMETA_SELECT_VALUE                                             \
     | ((wsize) << CUEXP_VARMETA_WSIZE_SHIFT)                           \
     | ((kind) << CUEXP_VARMETA_KIND_SHIFT)                             \
     | ((qcode) << CUEXP_VARMETA_QCODE_SHIFT)                           \
     | ((index) << CUEXP_VARMETA_INDEX_SHIFT) )
#define cuex_varmeta_qcode ( meta   ) 
((cuex_qcode_t)                                                 \

The quantification of variables of meta.

#define cuex_xvarmeta ( qcode,
wsize   )     cuex_varmeta_kqis(cuex_varkind_xvar, qcode, subkind, wsize)

Compose a meta for an extended variable kind from the given quantisation, subkind and slot size. The slot size wsize is in words (cu_word_t).

Function Documentation

cu_bool_t cuex_is_var ( cuex_t  ex  ) 

True iff ex is a variable, either cuex_var_t or cuex_pvar_t.

cu_bool_t cuex_is_xvarmeta ( cuex_meta_t  meta  ) 

True iff meta is describes an extended variable kind.

cu_bool_t cuex_is_xvarmeta_k ( cuex_meta_t  meta,
cuex_varkind_t  subkind 

True iff meta is an extended variable kind meta of with the given subkind.

cu_bool_t cuex_is_xvarmeta_kq ( cuex_meta_t  meta,
cuex_varkind_t  subkind,
cuex_qcode_t  qcode 

True iff meta is an extended variable kind meta of the given subkind and quantification.

cuex_meta_t cuex_register_xvarkind ( cuex_meta_t  subkind,
unsigned int  wsize,
cuex_xvarops_t  ops 

Call this at startup to register new variable subkinds. This checks that subkind is unique and registers the callbacks ops for variables of this kind. It is up to the client to ensure that subkind is unique across the codebase. Alternatively, pass subkind = (cuex_meta_t)(-1) to dynamically allocate a free subkind. The registered subkind is returned.

This shall be called from the main thread.

cuex_var_t cuex_var_new ( cuex_qcode_t  qcode  ) 

Returns a new variable with quantisation qcode. The variable has no properties besides its type, and pointer equality.

cuex_t cuex_xvar_alloc ( cuex_meta_t  xvarmeta  ) 

Allocate a variable of extended kind with meta xvarmeta.

cuex_meta_t cuex_xvarmeta_subkind ( cuex_meta_t  meta  ) 

Extracts the subkind of meta which is assumed to describe an extended variable kind.

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