cuex/recursion.h: Functions on the Recursive Structure of Expressions
[cuex: Expressions]


cuex_t cuex_mu_unfold (cuex_t e)
cuex_t cuex_optimal_fold (cuex_t e)

Function Documentation

cuex_t cuex_mu_unfold ( cuex_t  e  ) 

Unfold the μ-expression at the top-level of e. That is, assuming e = μx e′, returns e′[x ↦ μx e′].

must have a top-level μ-bind.
cuex_t cuex_optimal_fold ( cuex_t  e  ) 

Minimise e by μ-folding it as much as possible. This is done using a modified version of Hopcroft's algorithm for minimising a finite automaton.

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