cudyn_ptrtype_t: Pointer Types
[cudyn/type.h: Dynamic Types]

Data Structures

struct  cudyn_ptrtype


#define cudyn_ptrtype_to_type(t)   cu_to2(cuoo_type, cudyn_inltype, t)
#define cudyn_ptrtype_from_type(t)   cu_from2(cudyn_ptrtype, cudyn_inltype, cuoo_type, t)


cuoo_type_t cudyn_ptrtype_type ()
cu_bool_t cuoo_type_is_ptrtype (cuoo_type_t t)
cudyn_ptrtype_t cudyn_ptrtype (cuex_t deref)
cudyn_ptrtype_t cudyn_ptrtype_from_ex (cuex_t e)

Function Documentation

Type of pointers to objects of deref.

cudyn_ptrtype_t cudyn_ptrtype_from_ex ( cuex_t  e  ) 

A cuoo_type_t representation of e, which must have a toplevel CUEX_O1_PTR_TO.

cuoo_type_t cudyn_ptrtype_type (  ) 

The type of pointer types.

cu_bool_t cuoo_type_is_ptrtype ( cuoo_type_t  t  ) 

True iff t is a cudyn_ptrtype_t.

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