cudyn/type.h: Dynamic Types
[cudyn: Dynamic Typing]

Data Structures

struct  cudyn_inltype


 cudyn_ptrtype_t: Pointer Types
 cudyn_elmtype_t: Elementary Types
 cudyn_arrtype_t: Array Types
 cudyn_tuptype_t: Tuple Types


cuoo_type_t cudyn_cuex_type ()
cu_bool_t cudyn_is_cuex_type (cuoo_type_t t)
cuoo_type_t cuoo_type_glck (cuex_t ex)
cuoo_type_t cuoo_type (cuex_t ex)
cuoo_layout_t cuoo_type_layout (cuoo_type_t type)
size_t cuoo_type_bitsize (cuoo_type_t t)
size_t cuoo_type_size (cuoo_type_t t)
size_t cuoo_type_bitalign (cuoo_type_t t)
size_t cuoo_type_align (cuoo_type_t t)


cuoo_type_t cudynP_cuex_type
cuoo_type_t cudynP_ptrtype_type
cuoo_type_t cudynP_elmtype_type
cuoo_type_t cudynP_arrtype_type
cuoo_type_t cudynP_tuptype_type
cuoo_type_t cudynP_sigtype_type
cuoo_type_t cudynP_duntype_type

Function Documentation

cuoo_type_t cudyn_cuex_type (  ) 

Returns the type of dynamic objects and expressions.

cu_bool_t cudyn_is_cuex_type ( cuoo_type_t  t  ) 

True iff t is the type of dynamic objects and expressions.

Returns ex interpreted as a type, or NULL if not syntactically correct.

size_t cuoo_type_bitsize ( cuoo_type_t  t  ) 

The size in bits of objects of type t.

cuoo_layout_t cuoo_type_layout ( cuoo_type_t  type  ) 

The memory layout of type.

size_t cuoo_type_size ( cuoo_type_t  t  ) 

The size of object of type t.

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